How Technology Changed Shopping

The internet changed shopping totally. Almost gone are the days of the high street, for better or worse.

Literally now, you can order something from your home and have it delivered in a couple of hours.

Obviously not everything is like this, but same day and next day delivery are really beginning to make an impact on how we view the products that we see online.

Of course, you shouldn’t make rash buys, especially when you’re purchasing something that you’ve not been able to physically hold. Go to a good review site like and see what others are saying before you buy.

Which Industry Benefits?

There are a lot of industries making money from the new ways that we shop now. But it seems that none are making progress like delivery companies. Seriously, every other vehicle on the road now seems to be a delivery vehicle. If you’re expecting to get things delivered then you can leave parcel services reviews so that others can benefit from your experiences.

More and more, providers are looking to streamline their delivery systems. National postal services are not up to the challenges of today’s new market, and customers are looking for more.

The parcel services that are making it in the market are offering top level service at a lower price than the postal service.

Obviously, something will have to give somewhere, and certainly for smaller providers we may experience a change in fleet makeup over the next few years. Even an Uber style delivery format may become the top performer.

Delivery Is Only Half Of The Story

So, we can see that customers have become used to getting their items much more quickly, but that really is only half of the story.

The other half lies on the internet.

Much easier ways of paying online have meant that it has become a breeze to make payments when you purchase a product.

Consumer protection laws have made it easy for fraudulent card purchases to be rectified, and consumer confidence in smaller retailers has grown as a result.

Plus checkout pages have come a long way in the last few years, adding to the level of trust that consumers place in their purchases.

Payment Gateways And Methods

Setting yourself up as a vendor on the internet has also come on in leaps and bounds.

It is easy now to install plugins on your wordpress website to enable the collection of credit card payments. You don’t need any coding skills and you can have it up and running in a few hours. Products can be added to your online store and you’re good to go.

All in one websites and payment gateways such as Wix also make the barriers to entry so low that anyone can get online and sell.

Paypal, Payoneer and a host of other methods have also made transacting on the web without even disclosing your card information an attractive option.

Spending money has become very easy and that is how technology … Read More..

5 Biggest Advances We Have Seen in the Tech World So Far

Our world has become increasingly different from say 5 years ago and more. The immense changes made by technological growth have helped us solve important problems. It is almost unbelievable that about a thousand years ago our ancestors were wrapped in leaves, rubbing stones together to make fire. Ever since humanity has learned how to manipulate its curiosity, the world has been a place of major advances, aided by science and technology.

Technical breakthroughs can simply be identified through inventions and innovation. Whereas invention is about discovery and findings (call it productive imagination), innovation is about the application of the invention. Both terms work hand-in-hand for technical growth. Exploring the comments and opinions of tech enthusiasts on, the following is a list of the 5 biggest advances we have seen in the tech world so far.

1.                  Social Media

Current statistics put social media users at 3.5 billion. Considering the world population is 7.8 billion, there must have been something about social media to have attracted nearly half of the world population. Aided by smartphones coupled with endless ways on developing apps, social media have grown in leaps and bounds, aided by the tech world. Currently, we have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, all making heavy impacts. And there is Silicon Valley where tech advances are known to be manufactured.

2.                  Technology-driven Medicine

In the past, it took several years to produce a vaccine for some disease outbreaks. But today, it took just a year for a vaccine to be developed for the outbreak of covid 19. This explains how technology is driving the medical sector. There can now be genetic medicine tailored to meet each individual’s ailment. Unique genetic mutations that have hitherto been considered incurable can now be cured with drugs and vaccines.

3.                  Digital Money

When Facebook unveiled “Libra“, few people could understand how it would operate. But the purpose was simple. Libra was to serve as a currency for digital money. Digital money is the new way of transacting without using physical cash or any intermediary. A cryptocurrency is a form of digital money and the most popular crypto is Bitcoin. Digital money is unregulated, done through the internet. This breakthrough allows for globalized financial inclusion and access to financial services.

4.                  Artificial Intelligence

What can humanity not do? Humans being known with flaws and periodic breakdowns simulated machines to function as they do and simplify everyday tasks and activities. This is one of the greatest advances made. AI can be found everywhere — in business, medicine, policies, entertainment, etc. — and they are automated to make such smart decisions and solve complex problems.

5.                  Quantum Supremacy

When Google unveiled a computer with 53 qubits, which is the basic unit of quantum computation, executing a calculation in 3 minutes in what would have normally taken the world’s biggest computers about 10,000 years or more, then we knew the breakthrough has been made … Read More..


Internet selling is continuously changing and redesigning as technological advancements and organizations are going toe-to-toe with one another to get the larger portion of the pie.

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If you review online selling, you realize that the patterns show that development and change happens each year. Despite what sort of online business you are going to begin, the eventual fate of online business looks brilliant and encouraging.

One cannot correctly predict the future of online service however, it is evident that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will play a great role in the prosperity of online service.

From the speculations, here are some of the advancements that are expected from online selling in the future.

1.     Personalized Experience:

People desire contact with others when shopping so that they can explain what exactly they want, so it’s nothing unexpected that internet business is considered as marginally less private and somewhat less about individual insight than retail shopping. Online sales shops do not have attendants who can assist with our perusing and prescribe items to us up close and personal. This is the reason certain online business organizations will attempt to emulate this experience by making sites distinctive and interesting to the eye.

One of the ways internet business shops can turn out to be more exclusive for clients is by monitoring clients’ inclinations and fitting their internet selling experience dependent on the things they like and are keen on.

2.     Faster Delivery:

Drones can be understood to be flying robots that can be either physically controlled or customized to fly on their own. You may be wondering what a flying robot has to do with online selling. However, there are speculations that shortly, goods will be delivered through robots instead of dispatch riders. This will reduce the time it takes to deliver products and customers can get their orders as soon as they order them. These drones will be beneficial to both the online service and the customers because businesses will be able to process orders in a shorter time and clients can also receive orders.

3.     Social Media Shopping:

Online media have assumed an enormous part in our lives today. Numerous brands know about this reality, so they move their advertisement towards online media to arrive at a bigger audience and if you look at it, sponsored advertisements on Instagram and Facebook are increasing yearly. Realizing that many individuals utilize these social media applications frequently is a benefit for online business entrepreneurs. People can now place orders through social media and now is the best time for companies to seize the opportunity to utilize their social media platforms.

4.     AI System:

The role of drones in the future of online selling has been discussed, however, AI also has a part to play in that future by making purchase, payment, and the delivery process seamless and helping businesses manage their customer … Read More..

6 Ways to Improve Your Internet Connection

In a world where connecting seems to be at its peak, there is a need for an improved internet connection level. Hence, internet providers need to up their game regarding the quality of internet connectivity and network. There are also different ways to enhance your internet connection to enjoy the numerous benefits of the internet.

Therefore, if you need to boost your internet connection, you may check out different internet provider uk services reviews. Doing so will help you get more insight into the level of quality service they offer. That way, you can make an informed decision on whether or not to engage their services.

You may also check to know what people are saying about different internet providers and networks that seem to be the best in the uk. Equipping yourself with the right knowledge will therefore help you to enjoy an improved and high-quality internet connection. The following are tips on how to improve your internet connection: –

1.  Update your security

One way to improve your internet connection is by updating your security to cut off bandwidth leeches. The reason being that having extra users on the connection will slow down the speed and pace of the internet connectivity. Therefore, adding protection to the Wi-Fi networks will help make the connection fast and secure. In essence, you may need to consider putting passwords on your Wi-Fi setting to update the security.

2.  Optimize the router settings

Another way to help boost your internet connection is to optimize the router settings. Testing the different settings on the router will also help to strengthen the signal level of the router. Follow these steps to help optimize your router settings:

  • Turn off the entertainment settings on the router when sharing a Wi-Fi connection with others.
  • Update the Request to Send (RTS) thresholds on the router. Setting the RTS to a lower number, especially in a crowded Wi-Fi network, can help improve the Wi-Fi’s speed and overall performance.
  • Set up your router fragmentation threshold to a lower value to help data packets on the router transfer faster and efficiently.

3.  Purchase a new high-end router

Another way to improve your internet connection is to purchase a new high–end router. Using an ageing router will eventually lead to the reduction of the Wi-Fi pace and performance. Buying a new router will improve the security features that will lead to a secure and enhanced network.

4.  Reset your router

Although it may sound simple, it is imperative to reset the router setting. Doing so will inevitably speed up your internet pace and performance. Rebooting your wireless router can go a long way to help improve the internet performance and resolve connection problems that the router may have.

5.  Get a Wi-Fi Extender

It would help if you considered getting a Wi-Fi extender if updating your router setting seems to be a big task. Hence, rather than going through the stress of resetting your router, you can invest in getting Read More..

Top 3 tech trends in the online gaming industry in 2021

With the technology advancing and constantly changing, the online games industry has seen a dramatic increase in traffic in 2020. New technological trends bring new opportunities every year to do better and to bring about a fun experience for gamers. online games. Here are the top three tech trends that await us in 2021.

1. Virtual reality

Virtual reality, or VR, is a big part of many video games today and will be used even more in the world of online games. Thanks to this technological innovation, players are immersed in different worlds and live an immersive and stimulating experience.

As you already know, virtual reality games can be played on specialized consoles, or using computers that can power VR headsets, the most important component of the entire virtual experience. These virtual reality headsets will undergo a major transformation in 2021: the producers announce the improvement of the screen resolution, the increase of the field of vision, as well as the elimination of cables to facilitate movement!

2. The rise of multiplayer online slots

Previously, online slots were considered a solitary activity: the player sat in front of the screen and spun the reels. However, that has changed because the social aspect has become very important in the world of online casino games. This trend is well followed by black jack which now offer multiplayer slots thus attracting a huge community.

These games where several players can play together also offer community slots where they play for a shared prize: cash bonuses, free spins or jackpots. It is predicted that in 2021 this type of game will become the most popular game in the online casino world.

 3. Increased growth of mobile games

Another trend that you can expect in 2021 is the exponential growth of mobile games. Their development is driving an increase in the user base as more and more people own smartphones and can enjoy their favourite games anytime, anywhere.

It’s no wonder they wish they had such easy access to their online games. This inspires online game developers to adapt their products to this style of play. In 2021, gamers will likely have access to their favourite games such as betting on football and other games from their smartphones.… Read More..