November 28, 2023


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5 Biggest Advances We Have Seen in the Tech World So Far

Our world has become increasingly different from say 5 years ago and more. The immense changes made by technological growth have helped us solve important problems. It is almost unbelievable that about a thousand years ago our ancestors were wrapped in leaves, rubbing stones together to make fire. Ever since humanity has learned how to manipulate its curiosity, the world has been a place of major advances, aided by science and technology.

Technical breakthroughs can simply be identified through inventions and innovation. Whereas invention is about discovery and findings (call it productive imagination), innovation is about the application of the invention. Both terms work hand-in-hand for technical growth. Exploring the comments and opinions of tech enthusiasts on, the following is a list of the 5 biggest advances we have seen in the tech world so far.

1.                  Social Media

Current statistics put social media users at 3.5 billion. Considering the world population is 7.8 billion, there must have been something about social media to have attracted nearly half of the world population. Aided by smartphones coupled with endless ways on developing apps, social media have grown in leaps and bounds, aided by the tech world. Currently, we have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, all making heavy impacts. And there is Silicon Valley where tech advances are known to be manufactured.

2.                  Technology-driven Medicine

In the past, it took several years to produce a vaccine for some disease outbreaks. But today, it took just a year for a vaccine to be developed for the outbreak of covid 19. This explains how technology is driving the medical sector. There can now be genetic medicine tailored to meet each individual’s ailment. Unique genetic mutations that have hitherto been considered incurable can now be cured with drugs and vaccines.

3.                  Digital Money

When Facebook unveiled “Libra“, few people could understand how it would operate. But the purpose was simple. Libra was to serve as a currency for digital money. Digital money is the new way of transacting without using physical cash or any intermediary. A cryptocurrency is a form of digital money and the most popular crypto is Bitcoin. Digital money is unregulated, done through the internet. This breakthrough allows for globalized financial inclusion and access to financial services.

4.                  Artificial Intelligence

What can humanity not do? Humans being known with flaws and periodic breakdowns simulated machines to function as they do and simplify everyday tasks and activities. This is one of the greatest advances made. AI can be found everywhere — in business, medicine, policies, entertainment, etc. — and they are automated to make such smart decisions and solve complex problems.

5.                  Quantum Supremacy

When Google unveiled a computer with 53 qubits, which is the basic unit of quantum computation, executing a calculation in 3 minutes in what would have normally taken the world’s biggest computers about 10,000 years or more, then we knew the breakthrough has been made to solve humanity’s biggest problems — whatever they are.


Technology has ushered in a lot of advances. With the current breakthroughs made, no doubt humanity is at its most intelligent and productive mental application since the beginning of the world.