December 1, 2023


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5 Clever Hacks For Your Next Glamping Experience

Wondering what’s more to camping than just camping? Why not give glamping a try? Here are five easy hacks to try for your glam camping experience.

Some quality outdoor experience is worthwhile. It is always good to feel the air in your face as you hear the sounds of nature and smell the plants nearby.

Feeling nature is a luxurious experience but sleeping in a cold tent surely is not.

If you feel like getting the best of nature doesn’t always have to mean sacrificing the comfort of your own place, you are not alone.

A lot of people choose glamping over camping because it gives them the same camping experience but with the comfort of your own home.

This all new glamorous way of camping is becoming popular because it offers the same feel of the typical camping but keeps the campers comfortable in their site. If you wish to try out this conventional experience, here are a few things for you to take note:

1. Find the right site.

Various campsites are made especially to meet you glamping needs. What makes glamping different from camping is that glamping sites have comfortable facilities that are made for the convenience of the glampers. These include rest rooms and bedspaces, electricity and water.

2. Comfortable sheets for the night.

You may now ditch your sleeping bags and bring bed sheets instead for a lightweight pack because glamping sites have bedspaces for added convenience. You can also bring your own inflatable mattress whichever suits your taste.

3. Tent is everything.

If there is one thing that differenciates glamping from camping, it is the tent. Glamping tents are a lot bigger than camping tents because the utmost priority in glamping is comfort.

4WD Supacentre is one the best places to look for high quality glamping tents because they are known to produce large tents that could accommodate upto 10 people. The idea of glamping is bringing the comfort of your home to the camping site so you have to be really careful in choosing the right tent because it has too be as roomy as possible.

4. Get foods that are fast and easy to prepare.

While your tent is glamorous enough, you also need to prepare good meals but the preparation has to be fast and easy. Eggs, bread, bacon, muffins, fresh vegetables, coffee and hot chocolate are perfect examples of fast and easy to prepare foods. Meats can also be a good option but it has to be marinated or half cooked to avoid spoilage.

5. Keep warm and cozy.

A portable heater can keep you warm at night while glamping but in case it is not available, you can also get yourself a warm colored torch or lamp or just a simple candle that can last for hours.

Glamping can be pretty new to some but these hacks can save your first glamping experience. Glamping is all about comfort and bringing with you the luxury of home while camping so you have to make comfort your utmost priority above all things.