February 4, 2023


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Apple Imagines Mac-Inside-a-Keyboard Unit Evocative of 80s Residence Desktops

Apple is discovering the possibility of integrating a totally working Mac in just a keyboard, reminiscent of residence computer systems of the 80s, this sort of as the Commodore 64 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

The notion was discovered by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Business office in a new Apple patent software referred to as “Laptop or computer in an enter device,” which describes a thicker Magic Keyboard-type chassis with “all the parts of a high functionality pc” built-in underneath the hood.

The patent describes the premise for these types of a unit, which could be plugged into a different external exhibit by using a single I/O port intended to receive equally info and electrical power, and wirelessly paired with a trackpad or mouse for more input.

Although transportable computing units, these kinds of as laptops and tablets, can be docked at an office or home-office station that features a secondary show to supply a computing knowledge that is comparable to a desktop computing knowledge, these gadgets nonetheless demand an additional established of input units to imitate a desktop computing gadget. Even more, the key display of products such as laptops and tablets generally may possibly not be employed when the product is docked to a station that incorporates a secondary show, including possibly unwanted dimensions and price to these types of portable computing units.

The computing equipment described herein can incorporate or in any other case home one particular or a lot more computing elements in just an enter unit to present a portable desktop computing experience at any site obtaining one or extra laptop displays. For case in point, a user can transport a keyboard that homes a laptop or computer, as opposed to carrying an overall notebook or a tower and keyboard. As some variety of an input machine is typically required for interacting or interfacing with a computing system, like computing factors inside the housing or enclosure of an enter device can eradicate the have to have for redundant sets of input devices and minimizes the number of factors that need to have to be transported by the consumer. More the enter unit can remove added components this sort of as shows, that are not expected when utilized with a standalone personal computer keep track of, thus lowering charges and measurement.

mac inside keyboard patent2

By like the computing elements in the keyboard, Apple implies this could let a user to carry a single machine that can deliver a desktop computing experience at any site getting a single or much more external shows.

In some embodiments, the product involves a trackpad “coupled” to the enclosure, when in some others the system is foldable and the keyboard spot contains an “accent display screen” displaying graphics, or the keyboard by itself is virtually exhibited from a projector contained inside the enclosure.

mac inside keyboard patent1

The rest of the patent explores in detail various configurations of inner laptop components inside of the space afforded by the keyboard chassis.

Apple has submitted patents for keyboards in the earlier, together with a person that utilizes a touchscreen panel comparable to the Touch Bar that extends to the overall keyboard format, but this is the first patent to propose really incorporating a computer into the keyboard itself.

As with any filed patent, the technological innovation is not likely to appear in any merchandise shortly, if at all, but it does offer an intriguing glance at how Apple is contemplating Mac patterns that could ultimately replace or be supplied along with the Mac mini, which allows customers to carry their individual display screen, keyboard, and mouse.

(By using Patently Apple.)