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Best 10 Programming Languages Recruiters are Searching For in 2022

by Satavisa Pati

January 26, 2022

As a position seeker, you will have to know these 10 most common programming languages to make the very best impression on the recruiters

Post pandemic, AI has come to be one particular of the leading agendas for firms as it presents increased shopper encounter, resilience, and reliability. With the developments in machine finding out, facts analytics, and conversational AI, companies are acquiring it feasible and inexpensive to deploy AI instruments that enable them to fix issues and improve effectiveness. In this article are the 10 most common programming languages between job seekers.


1. Python

Python can be regarded as the potential of programming languages. As for each the most recent studies, Python is the key coding language for about 80% of developers. The existence of in depth libraries in Python facilitates synthetic intelligence, knowledge science, and equipment discovering procedures. At this time, Python is trending and can be regarded as the king of programming languages. So understanding this programming language in 2022 promises you achievements and development.


It is one of the most beneficial languages that delivers astounding capabilities like:

  • Easy to understand and code.
  • Intensive libraries and frameworks that aid a myriad of programs.
  • Included the variants of Java and C like CPython, Jython, and so forth.
  • GUI guidance.
  • Firms operating on Python: Intel, Fb, Spotify, Netflix, etc.


2. Java

Java is a single of the most effective programming languages that is at this time utilised in extra than 3 billion equipment. Java is at this time one particular of the most trending technologies. It is utilized in desktop programs, mobile apps, internet advancement, Synthetic intelligence, cloud purposes, and a lot of extra. So discovering and acing in this technology features insanely significant salaries, astounding growth possibilities, and international recognition. Some of the outstanding attributes of Java are:

  • Platform independence and Item-oriented programming
  • Enhanced efficiency, effectiveness, and stability
  • It is the most safe language
  • Firms operating on Java are Amazon, Adobe, Flipkart, Instagram, and many others.

So Java can be regarded as a single of the topmost languages to discover in 2022.


3. JavaScript

JavaScript is a person of the world’s most well-liked programming languages on the net. As per the survey, extra than 97 percent of the web sites use JavaScript on the client-side of the webpage.

  • It has a very well-organized codebase that delivers improved efficiency and readability.
  • Uncomplicated to understand and is highly in demand from customers.
  • System independence and increased control of the browser.
  • Provide person input validation capabilities.
  • The major businesses using JavaScript are Microsoft, Uber, PayPal, Google, Walmart, and so on.

As for each the most current studies, 72% of businesses are seeking for JavaScript developers. For this reason mastering JavaScript can be the most astounding determination that you can make in 2022 to gas your job.


4. Kotlin

Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language intended to establish applications. It is remaining made use of by much more than 60% of android developers. Kotlin holds a fourth place amid the speediest-growing programming language on a number of renowned indices. Some of the outstanding attributes of Kotlin are:

  • Concise code and structured concurrency.
  • Increased security attributes.
  • Coding is roughly 20% a lot less as as opposed to Java.
  • It is 100% interoperable.
  • Firms functioning on Kotlin are Pinterest, Uber, Trello, Amazon, etc.

So if you are inclined to make your vocation in android app development then studying Kotlin in 2022 is the ideal decision that you can make.


5. R

R is a programming language for statistical and graphical programming. It is extensively used amid statisticians and knowledge miners for knowledge analysis. It holds profound relevance in info assessment, economical domains, and telecom sectors.

  • It has extended libraries for interactive graphics.
  • Objected oriented programming language.
  • Supports cross-platform operation.
  • Hugely extensible.
  • The prime corporations applying R are Flipkart, Amazon, Google, LinkedIn.

There is a large lack of folks with experience in R so studying this language can be a vibrant job preference.


6. PHP

PHP is just one of the general-purpose scripting languages that will continue to keep its relevance in the upcoming yrs. It is among the 1st server-facet language that can be embedded with HTML to incorporate features to net pages. Thanks to the expanding on the net trend, PHP developers are in large demand. Some of the astonishing options are:

  • Very simple and effortless to find out.
  • Quicker than other scripting languages
  • Extremely secure to reduce threats and attacks.
  • Wonderful web-sites like Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia run on PHP.


7. Go

Go is 1 of the most trustworthy and effective programming languages that stands out from the relaxation. It was at first made at Google in 2007 to manage its promptly escalating infrastructure. It rapidly received incredible popularity and has turn out to be one particular of the best programming languages. Some of the incredible functions of Go are:

  • Straightforward to find out and comprehend.
  • Supports automation procedures.
  • It facilitates AI and facts science procedures.
  • Providers performing on Go are Google, BBC, Medium, Uber.

Go is the upcoming of programming language so you can surely consider about studying this in 2022.


8. C 

C is a basic-purpose programming language that is created to operate effectively on games, graphics, and enterprise programs. It provides amazing features like:

  • Existence of inbuilt capabilities and operators.
  • It is extendable.
  • Improved velocity and performance.
  • The prime providers making use of C are GitHub, Telegram messenger, MasterCard, and so forth.

It is hugely in demand inspite of the emergence of new programming languages. C delivers the opportunities of building a profitable occupation.


9. Swift

It is a sturdy programming language produced by Apple Inc. It is made use of to create applications for iOS, watchOS, macOS, and a lot of far more. It can be seen as the upcoming of large-general performance and secured apps. So sooner it will attain the prime stage of programming languages.

It gives some amazing capabilities like:

  • Straightforward to recognize and retain.
  • Speeds progress system.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Supports dynamic libraries.
  • Corporations functioning on Swift are Apple, Instagram, Uber, Slack.


10. C#

C# is a programming language that operates on the .Internet framework and was made by Microsoft in 2000. It is powerful in making desktop programs and game titles. As for every the survey, 34% of the leading mobile video games are built working with C#. It is a well-intended language and is really in demand from customers globally.

  • Easy to find out and fully grasp.
  • It is thoroughly integrated with .Net libraries.
  • Prime businesses performing on C# are Microsoft, Stack Overflow, Accenture, Alibaba Travels.

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