September 29, 2023


Your Partner in the Digital Era

How Technology Changed Shopping

The internet changed shopping totally. Almost gone are the days of the high street, for better or worse.

Literally now, you can order something from your home and have it delivered in a couple of hours.

Obviously not everything is like this, but same day and next day delivery are really beginning to make an impact on how we view the products that we see online.

Of course, you shouldn’t make rash buys, especially when you’re purchasing something that you’ve not been able to physically hold. Go to a good review site like and see what others are saying before you buy.

Which Industry Benefits?

There are a lot of industries making money from the new ways that we shop now. But it seems that none are making progress like delivery companies. Seriously, every other vehicle on the road now seems to be a delivery vehicle. If you’re expecting to get things delivered then you can leave parcel services reviews so that others can benefit from your experiences.

More and more, providers are looking to streamline their delivery systems. National postal services are not up to the challenges of today’s new market, and customers are looking for more.

The parcel services that are making it in the market are offering top level service at a lower price than the postal service.

Obviously, something will have to give somewhere, and certainly for smaller providers we may experience a change in fleet makeup over the next few years. Even an Uber style delivery format may become the top performer.

Delivery Is Only Half Of The Story

So, we can see that customers have become used to getting their items much more quickly, but that really is only half of the story.

The other half lies on the internet.

Much easier ways of paying online have meant that it has become a breeze to make payments when you purchase a product.

Consumer protection laws have made it easy for fraudulent card purchases to be rectified, and consumer confidence in smaller retailers has grown as a result.

Plus checkout pages have come a long way in the last few years, adding to the level of trust that consumers place in their purchases.

Payment Gateways And Methods

Setting yourself up as a vendor on the internet has also come on in leaps and bounds.

It is easy now to install plugins on your wordpress website to enable the collection of credit card payments. You don’t need any coding skills and you can have it up and running in a few hours. Products can be added to your online store and you’re good to go.

All in one websites and payment gateways such as Wix also make the barriers to entry so low that anyone can get online and sell.

Paypal, Payoneer and a host of other methods have also made transacting on the web without even disclosing your card information an attractive option.

Spending money has become very easy and that is how technology has changed the way we shop.