December 9, 2023


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The Best Desert Safari Tours In Dubai

There are a lot of place for you to visit in Dubai. Be it famous tourist spots, large towering buildings and many more other destinations, there sure is a lot to see in Dubai. However, if you want to see the natural tourists spots in Dubai, you can always opt for a fun desert safari tour.

Safari tours are popular in Africa and the Amazon but do you know that you can also go on a safari tour in Dubai? Nowadays, many tourists worldwide are coming to Dubai for a once in a lifetime desert safari tour experience.

Unknown to many, there are actually different types of birds lizards and other exotic crawlies in the deserts of Dubai. However, these wildlife are not well appreciated because most people think that deserts are only home to vast areas of sand. Apart from the rare animals, you can also see a lot of plants in these deserts and most of them you can not actually see anywhere in the world.

Digging more on the rare animals that you can see in the deserts, there are a lot of wildlife species that you can encounter in the Jebel Ali region including the Arabian Gazelle which very similar to a deer. When you go on a safari tour in these deserts, you can sometimes be lucky enough to catch a herd or to of these animals because they are not actually a common sight in these areas. However, there are also zoos that have rescued gazelles for you to visit in case you miss seeing one in your desert safari tour.

The Hyenas, Arabian leopards, Ibex, white orynx and the very rare Gordon’s wildcat are some of the other wildlife you can encounter if you are lucky enough in your Safari tour. Camels, Goats, Falcons and Donkeys are common sightings in mot deserts but f you really travel all the way to the farthest areas, you can actually be lucky enough to see some rare animals around. However, if you go on a desert safari tour, you can come across these rare animals along your way.

In your desert safari tours, you can also stay the night and set up a camp n the desert. Camping late at night in the middle of the desert can be a scary thing for some tourists but there are actually safety precautions that are considered so you don’t really have to worry that much about your safety.

However, if you don’t want to stay late for a night camp out, you can still enjoy desert safari tours any time of the day! Click here to discover more about desert safari tours in Dubai now!

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