September 22, 2023


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Benefits and Drawbacks of Financial Management

Many areas within an organization require to be managed for the organization to perform better. One of these areas is Finance. Financial management is merely the act of tracking the funds an organization has and how it is spent. Each and everything is the organization is affected by finances. On this account, finance is likely the most vital area of a company that the manager must handle properly. Nonetheless, There are benefits and drawbacks of financial management that will be discussed in this blog. The benefits are usually many than the drawbacks. Even though this is usually the outcome of financial management, management should be in a position to deal appropriately with the negative results.

One of the benefits of financial management is that it makes money available. Goof management of funds will provide crucial information on the revenues and expenditure patterns. Once the management is informed of how much the business is making and spending, it is most likely that the business will not suffer debts. This is because you know when the money will be available and when you require it. Moreover, financial management is key during establishing plans.

In financial management you will often review financial data making it possible for you to discover particular trends. As such forecasting will be straightforward. Since finances are directly associated with everything that can do in the business, you are presented with the opportunity to make long and short-term plans. Moreover, you can assess risks and develop solutions to the problems.

On the same note of benefits, financial management helps in accountability. All staff in the business have to report on their spending. Moreover, there is confidence for the whole company, given by financial management. As such, the business can expand in more areas and maintain stability simultaneously. Through financial management, you can cling to your plans and policies. Through this, investors and employees will be confident in your leadership ability. The consequence is relentless loyalty.

Contrarily, financial management is expensive. The employees in the financial department and hired consultants must be paid. Furthermore, financial management requires research to gain knowledge. There is time spent in bringing together information. The general cost of researching will include gathering, analyzing and interpreting costs. In the end, financial management need regular attention and revision. This is for the reason that the requirements of the organization are dynamic and they are based on the market variable and internal controls.

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