February 4, 2023


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The net is heartbroken about the Mrs Pac-Gentleman redesign

From the inexperienced M&M to Minnie Mouse, we have witnessed a couple of feminine anthropomorphised figures acquire controversial makeovers in 2022. Hottest to be a part of the record is everyone’s favourite pizza-formed yellow ball, Ms. Pac-Guy – who appears to have pac-ed her bags and disappeared into the sunset. 

Yep, Ms. Pac-Gentleman is no more. As a result of some lawful wrangling among publishers, the character has been transformed in the new Nintendo Switch reissue of Pac-Land, and renamed. Goodbye, Ms. Pac-Guy. Good day, Pac-Mother. (Look at out the greatest Nintendo Swap deals if you want to commence gaming suitable now.)

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Ms. Pac-Man

A screenshot from the primary Pac-Land… (Image credit score: Bandai Namco)
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Ms. Pac-Man

….vs a screenshot of the new Nintendo Swap variation (Impression credit: Bandai Namco)