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Top 10 Most Bizarre Programming Languages to Know

by Apoorva Bellapu

March 13, 2022

There are a superior selection of programming languages out there that have not been taken severely

As our entire world, these times revolves all-around engineering that without having its presence, our life seem to be to be difficult. A single component of technology that holds utmost significance is programming. The principal agenda of a programming language is to give you framework and permit you to clear up real difficulties. There are a good number of programming languages out there that have not been taken seriously at first but afterwards turned out to be among the most sought-soon after ones. Right here, we will discuss about the prime 10 most bizarre programming languages to know.



ArnoldC was introduced into existence by Lauri Hartikka. The creator of the language was fairly apparent – changing standard commands with their equal Arnold a person-liner. This programming language is designed totally out of one particular-liners from motion pictures featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, classics this sort of as Terminator, Predator, and so forth.



Going by the identify, it doesn’t seem to be like a programming/coding language, as a substitute seems like a cooking recipe. Chef utilizes Ruby ideas to create fundamental making blocks like recipes and cookbooks. The style and design principles of this language are these kinds of that the code need to not only create legitimate output but must be simple to get ready and mouth watering to try to eat at the identical time.



Shakespeare is 1 of all those strange programming languages exactly where the source code seems to be specifically like a Shakespeare play. This language was produced by Jon Aslund and Karl Hesselstörm, with an goal to make a programming language that didn’t glimpse like a person. Right here, variables ought to be named just after Shakespearian figures, and constants are decided by favourable or negative nouns.



This programming language is inspired by the abstract artist Piet Mondrian. Evidently more than enough, Piet converts programs into abstract geometric paintings. Listed here, the courses are designed up of 20 various colours, and then study by the compiler dependent on hex values to operate a application.



Made by Adam Lindsay, a researcher at Lancaster College, this programming language came into existence in the year 2007. An fascinating level to observe right here is that the keyword phrases of the language are all capitalized and meme-area.



Glass, made by Gregor Richards in 2005, is a programming language that brings together an unintuitive postfix notation with hefty item orientation. Ultimately, this needs in depth juggling of the major stack mixed with its object-oriented framework.



Yes, you heard that correct! Hen is not only the identify of the language but also the only key word that is authorized in it! Nevertheless a different attention-grabbing element to consider observe of, is that the selection of repetitions and new lines decides the opcode which is executed.



The reason why Befunge would make it to the list of strange programming languages is that the code is placed on playfield with a set sizing. Now, this is what just one wants to know – each and every mobile of the playfield can keep either code or data, and your plan can substitute any cell it wishes with possibly.



Rockstar is a preferred strange programming language for the sole explanation that it will help builders build applications that are also hair steel electric power ballads. Rockstar has gained recognition for becoming a completely-specified coding language with its possess proprietary video game motor known as RAGE or Rockstar Advanced Game Motor.



This programming language is named following the eighth circle of hell in Dante’s Inferno and was invented by Ben Olmstead in 1998. To place it in straightforward terms, this coding language was particularly created to be unachievable to generate valuable applications.

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