February 7, 2023


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UEFI firmware vulnerabilities have an impact on at minimum 25 computer vendors

Researchers from firmware security enterprise Binarly have uncovered vital vulnerabilities in the UEFI firmware from InsydeH2O used by several laptop or computer sellers this kind of as Fujitsu, Intel, AMD, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS, HP, Siemens, Microsoft, and Acer.

UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) software is an interface involving a device’s firmware and the running program, which handles the booting course of action, technique diagnostics, and maintenance capabilities.

In total, Binarly found 23 flaws in the InsydeH2O UEFI firmware, most of them in the software’s System Management Manner (SMM) that provides technique-broad features these types of as electric power management and components handle.

SMM’s privileges exceed individuals of the OS kernel, so any safety concerns in this space can have intense effects for the vulnerable program.

Extra precisely, a neighborhood or distant attacker with administrative privileges exploiting SMM flaws could carry out the following tasks:

  • Invalidate lots of components security capabilities (SecureBoot, Intel BootGuard)
  • Put in persistent computer software that can’t be conveniently erased
  • Make backdoors and again communications channels to steal delicate facts
Diagram of potential impact of post-exploitation
Diagram of potential effect of put up-exploitation
Supply: Binarly

The 23 flaws are tracked as: CVE-2020-27339, CVE-2020-5953, CVE-2021-33625, CVE-2021-33626, CVE-2021-33627, CVE-2021-41837, CVE-2021-41838, CVE-2021-41839, CVE-2021-41840, CVE-2021-41841, CVE-2021-42059, CVE-2021-42060, CVE-2021-42113, CVE-2021-42554, CVE-2021-43323, CVE-2021-43522, CVE-2021-43615, CVE-2021-45969, CVE-2021-45970, CVE-2021-45971, CVE-2022-24030, CVE-2022-24031, CVE-2022-24069.

Of the above, CVE-2021-45969, CVE-2021-45970, and CVE-2021-45971 in the SMM are rated with crucial severity, obtaining a 9.8 rating out of 10.

Ten of the identified vulnerabilities could be exploited for privilege escalation, twelve memory corruption flaws in SMM, and a single is a memory corruption vulnerability in InsydeH2O’s Driver eXecution Atmosphere (DXE).

UEFI flaws affecting over 25 vendors
UEFI flaws impacting over 25 distributors
Source: Binarly

“The root induce of the trouble was found in the reference code linked with InsydeH2O firmware framework code,” points out Binarly’s disclosure report.

“All of the aforementioned suppliers (over 25) have been working with Insyde-based mostly firmware SDK to produce their pieces of (UEFI) firmware,” the firm notes. At the moment, the U.S. CERT Coordination Middle verified a few suppliers with items afflicted by the protection concerns discovered in the InsydeH2O firmware: Fujitsu, Insyde Program Company, and Intel (only CVE-2020-5953)

Addressing the challenges

Insyde Software program has introduced firmware updates to deal with all recognized security vulnerabilities and published in-depth bulletins to assign severity and description for each and every flaw.

On the other hand, these protection updates need to have to be adopted initial tools manufacturers (OEMs) and pushed to influenced goods.

The overall system will consider a appreciable total of time for the stability updates to arrive at stop-buyers. It is unlikely that all difficulties will be tackled in all impacted merchandise, while, simply because some equipment have reached finish-of-life and are no lengthier supported, whilst other individuals may possibly grow to be obsolete right before a patch is ready for them.

At the time of writing, only Insyde, Fujitsu, and Intel have confirmed them selves as impacted by the flaws, although Rockwell, Supermicro, and Toshiba ended up confirmed as not impacted. The relaxation are investigating.

Binarly credits Fujitsu’s incident reaction staff for its quick reaction when receiving the vulnerability experiences, and its palms-on technique in helping to scope them the right way.

If you would like to scan your program for the existence of the previously mentioned flaws, Binarly has released these FwHunt policies on GitHub to guide with detection.