October 1, 2023


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What is a Domain Name? Why Do I Need a Domain Name?

If you want to establish your company’s presence online, the first step would be to buy a domain name. A domain name is an online address via which your users can get access to your website.  It works as your identity on the internet. 

Every website technically has two addresses, the system identifies it as an IP address that is in numerical form and for humans, it is the domain name.

A domain name can be a combination of numbers and letters, and its extension can be .com, .net, .org, etc. Everyone has a unique domain name that has to be registered before using it. 

Why do I need a domain name?

An individual or an organization who desires to have a digital presence requires to do two things – 

  • Register a Domain Name
  • Buy Hosting services

For you to have a website without a domain name is not possible. A domain name can be tailored as per your professional needs. Buying the right domain name and web hosting plans at the right cost will determine a seamless web experience and online success. 

Here is why you need a good domain name-

Builds credibility– Every business requires a secure online platform to promote their brand and communicate with their customers. A domain name will tell your visitors about your website and play a significant role in enhancing your business’s productivity. 

Creates mobility– Having your own domain name creates mobility. If you decide to change your server web hosting plans, move away to another country or start using your in-house server. You can easily do so, as your domain name stays with you and you don’t need to rebuild your brand. 

Broadens your digital marketing – Domain name, along with feature-rich hosting plans, help you to broaden your digital presence. With a business website that is loaded with quality information, you can extend your geographies and target new customers and markets.

Improves SEO ranking– A domain name that is relevant to your business will improve your SEO ranking on the search engine.  Whenever you decide to build an online presence, you need to browse through good web hosting plans that also offer domain names for your website. Shared Hosting is the perfect cost-effective option for beginners, with providers offering multiple domains in their packages.